Getting the exposure you need

Getting the exposure you need

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Nir Hirshman Communications is a PR and strategy consulting agency. Our mission is to bring you—companies, organizations and private individuals—into the center of public discourse, so that you achieve your goals in the economic, social and political arenas. We’ll introduce you to the mainstream media—television, news websites, radio, and print—so that you can convey your message to the public and decision makers

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Our money changes the world, but the world concomitantly changes the way it perceives money. Over the last years we’ve managed to amass a wealth of experience in the field of FinTech, Bitcoin and crypto, which allows us to put you on the map in areas that will launch the next global revolution.

A media crisis erupts with a series of defaming reports that can crush well-established brands and destroy hard-earned reputations, threatening to erase them as if they never existed. Our job is to detect potential crises before they break and act decisively using our experience and knowledge of the field’s reality, while leading you out of the crisis in the best possible way, minimizing damage.

We know how to build and maintain your reputation. We know how to create a media persona for you and your brand. We plan, think and realize your communication goals, so that our mutual dreams materialize.

Public relations are your way to the media. As it turns out, intriguing media stories hide in plain sight almost everywhere. Our job is to create them or to seek them out so that you’re the top story.

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